How are you going to draw closer to God this year?  He desires for us to be in relationship with Him and best part is, He has already given us the tools we need to do it!  Prayer and fasting.  The beautiful thing about fasting is that we can enter in and approach God whenever and however we need to.  We can gain wisdom, clarity, revelation, and knowledge by temporarily denying ourselves and inviting God to dwell in us for a purpose.  Prayer can, and should exist without fasting. It's when we combine the two together, they reach their fullest potiential in our lives!

When we fast, we push ourselves to fully depend on God to provide the things we need.

We deepen our personal relationship with Him and position ourselves to clearly hear directly from God.  We don't have to wait to be in trouble or despair.  Our Father is always open to us drawing nearer to Him.  When you fast, be intentional with God.  Remove the focus from what you are abstaining from and simply focus your thoughts and heart on God.

So how do you start?  Here's another great point about fasting.  There's no one way to do it!  There are many online resources and guides, and you can always visit us on Sunday's and Wednesday's for service, schedule to meet with one of our Pastor's, Minister's, or leaders for guidance and support, or simply stop by our office during office hours!

Here are a few ways you can implement fasting and praying to position yourself to draw closer to God.

  1. Corporate fast with your church.
  2. Follow a specific fasting guide or program. One of the most common is the Daniel Fast.  
  3. Journaling. Allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you and write it down during your prayer time!

What you need to remember.

Fasting takes time and preparation.  Research and plan what type of fast you will do, and how long you will do it for.  It's ok to start slow, specifically if you will be abstaining from food.  You can also consider abstaining from other things that have a large presence in your life like social media.  Its ok to make adjustments but the most important thing to do is pray and ask God to guide you. Outline your intentions, and commit to pressing in during your time of prayer and fasting.  Fix your heart to hear from God. Don't expect to receive everything you have prayed for by the end of your fast.  Remember, to ultimately pray that God releases that which you are praying and fasting for in His timing, and to seek his word in your time of waiting.  

If you have more questions or need more guidance on prayer and fasting can help you draw closer to God, contact us on our website HERE.