As we are entering the last month of 2017, the progress on our new building has been full steam ahead. By faith, our exterior projects are well on the way to completion.  Most windows are done, stucco work is nearly complete, our roof is prepped for final stages, and let's not forget the parking lot!  Every aspect of our new facility is truly amazing when we begin to see it come to pass, however, when looking at the progress on our parking lot, reality certainly sets in!  By the end of the next year, what we see in the photos here will be memory and our parking lot will be filled with cars, our rooms filled with families, and our hearts filled with even more gratitude than we feel now!  In this season of thanksgiving we give honor to God for entrusting us with this vision in this time.  Continue to join us in prayer for our pastors, ministries, and the needs of our new facility.  Take a look at some of our recent developments.